EIKI Projectors

EIKI History

EIKI was founded in 1953 in Osaka, Japan by four founders. (M. Matsuura, S. Yagi, K. Sekino & Y. Minagawa).[1]Initially the focus of the company was producing technology for classroom instruction but later on the company focused more on producing 16mm movie projectors for other fields. The name EIKI comes from the Japanese term "EIshaKI" meaning projector.

EIKI 16mm projectors were innovative because their design included only half of the moving parts of popular projectors, thus making them less costly and easier to maintain. They were the largest manufacturer of such projectors.

In 1974, EIKI opened EIKI International, Inc., their USA division in Laguna Niguel, CA. to distribute its products in the United States. In 1986, the Company acquired the business unit of the Bell & Howell company that had originated the audio visual industry some 50 years earlier. In 1988, EIKI Canada was created as a subsiary of EIKI International, Inc. In 1995, EIKI Deutschland, GmbH became the Company's first wholly owned office in Europe. And, in 1997 EIKI Czech was founded to establish a network of Dealer's across Central and Eastern Europe. Today, EIKI brand projection equipment is available in every major country in the world.

EIKI was also one of the first manufacturers of LCD projector. Only one of the original four founding members is still alive today. In 2013, EIKI Industrial Co., Ltd. celebrated its 60th anniversary.